Pathway and Walkway Lighting

Pathway & Walkway Lighting
Create safer paths and entries around your home
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Outdoor LED walkway lighting safely illuminates the way for guests by extending the warmth from the interior to the outdoors. Outdoor pathway lighting serves an important purpose, but it’s also capable of more than functionality. An artistic approach to the installation of pathway lights can add a sense of character that permeates the entire property. A walkway that’s subtly lit by the warm glow of strategically placed lights can add ambiance, highlight plants and decorations along the way, and gently guide guests to points of interest in the yard. Our professional team installs outdoor LED walkway lighting with a number of considerations in mind. Safety and security are the primary purposes of any outdoor lighting system, but visual appeal should never be ignored. Rather than flooding the entire length of a pathway in a thick coating of light, simply using a handful of low-light fixtures near to the ground can give an entirely new and dramatic look. Aside from being a great deal more interesting to look at, this ultimately saves energy as well. Creating a path of light that wanders across the yard is a great way to make outdoor space feel much larger at night.

We approach outdoor pathway lighting design in a variety of ways. Generally, we prefer designs that are as unobtrusive and natural as possible. There’s nothing quite like getting the perfect effect of a path dappled in sunlight while in the dead of night. We achieve this by perfecting the balance between the light and shadows along the path. Too many lights will create a “runway effect”—which would make guests feel like they’re walking down a brightly lit airport runway. And, too few won’t satisfy the primary purpose of outdoor lighting—your safety. Our team of outdoor pathway lighting experts take pride in finding that balance for every single project.