Landscape Lighting

Landscape Lighting
Show the beauty of your landscaping at night
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Landscape Lighting Designers is a professional landscape lighting company that has extensive experience in both the creative and technical aspects of outdoor lighting systems. Many lighting designers continue the traditional lighting strategies of the past, which seemed to hold that more lighting was always better. Our practice of landscape lighting design considers how light interacts with the human eye and plans accordingly. Our eyes are naturally drawn to areas of high contrast, so we don’t want to light up your entire yard like the Las Vegas strip. If everything is highlighted, then nothing is able to be unique and stand out. Instead, our landscape lighting design considers the specific features that you want to highlight and determines how to properly accentuate those features in accordance with the rest of the property. Our ultimate objective here is to adjust the lighting placement and intensity levels in a way that creates the perfect interaction with the human eye.

It is important to consider exactly what you want out of professional landscape lighting. Perhaps you envision a subtle and romantic mood for your yard. Maybe a large majority of your property is shrouded in darkness at night, and you need to illuminate it for security reasons. Perhaps there are features in your backyard that need highlighting, like a pond or fountain. In any case, a little bit of light can go a long way. By placing a small amount of LED lights just where they are needed, the contrast between the light and the enveloping shadows can create a dramatic effect. Not only is this “less is more” approach more efficient, but it is simply a more effective version of what proper landscape lighting design should be. As a professional landscape lighting company, we take pride in knowing how to create beautiful, function-focused lighting systems.