Landscape Lighting Designers Near Fairfax, VA

Is your landscape smothered by darkness each night? Not only can that darkness be dangerous for those walking through your property at night, but you also can’t show off your beautiful landscape features. Contact Landscape Lighting Designers for help. We specialize in landscape lighting, so we can design a lighting system to fit your Fairfax, VA, property.

Enjoy Custom Lighting for Your Yard

Landscape lighting is all about placement and design because you don’t want too many lights that are too bright. The right lights create beautiful contrasts that show off the best parts of your yard and also provide safe illumination for anyone walking.

That’s where our team comes in. First, we’ll work with you through a creative consultation that will cover exactly what you want for your yard. We’ll talk about your goals, whether you want a subtle romantic mood or you want more brightness for security reasons.

Once we know what you want, we’ll create a creative design. And once you approve the design, we’ll create and install the lights, and it’s as simple as that.

We are experienced landscape lighting designers and installers with years of experience working on landscapes of all kinds. Whether you want walkway lighting, gazebo lighting, deck lanterns, or garden illumination, you can trust us.

Call us at 888-582-8845 for help in Fairfax, VA.