Outdoor Step Lighting

Outdoor Step Lighting
Add drama and safety to your outdoor stairways
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Outdoor step lighting can have a dramatic effect on the entire atmosphere of a property. It can transform a dangerous and dull set of stairs into a stunning and bold statement that will resonate throughout the property. Illuminated steps will create a safer nighttime environment for your home and look great at the same time. Lighting for steps at night will allow you and your guests to enjoy the outdoors late into the night, secure in the knowledge that there are no hidden steps lurking in the shadows. Save yourself and your loved ones a potential trip to the emergency room (or at least and unpleasant trip to the ground) by eliminating inadequate lighting from your home for good.

Outdoor step lighting creates beautiful accent lighting that makes a home more inviting and attractive—a real treat to the eyes, especially during the evening hours. Our considerable amount of experience informs us about how best to approach each site by taking into consideration the characteristics of the steps and applying previous strategies that we know have worked in the past. Using small and unobtrusive outdoor step lighting fixtures that are inserted into walls or the steps themselves can enhance and highlight an outdoor living space in a way that mimics the dappling effect of sunlight.

Striking a balance between the distance and intensity of step lighting is essential in creating a safe environment—if they are placed too far apart, the shadows will confuse the eye. This may cause you to think that there is an extra step when there actually isn’t one, or to miss a step entirely. Both are clearly not ideal and could send you off to an unanticipated trip to the hospital. Safety concerns aside, lighting for steps at night can add an incredible amount of value and curb appeal to the property.

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